Saturday, September 19, 2009

15 days old today!

My daughter Sophie is 15 days old today. It's been a hectic two weeks; as you can guess from the title of this blog, it's been mostly me and Sophie, getting through this together. I do live with my parents, who give me a place to stay and whose help is enormously appreciated. Sophie's father was present for her birth and helped us out in the hospital for the next couple days. But, I am a single mom. And it is a job for a superhero.

I've always wanted to be a mother, but I kind a had a housewifey, Martha Stewart-y type of mother in mind. Martha Stewart is my role model. In fact, her TV show was on in the delivery room as my daughter was born. I didn't even realize it until, between commands of 'Push!' from the nurse, I realized we'd left the TV on, looked up, and exclaimed "Oh, the Martha Stewart show is on!" My mom says that was a classic 'me' moment.

Unfortunately, The View was on by the time all the excitement had died down. I hate that show.

So now I'm a single mother. In a few weeks, I will have to be a working mother, because my current sources of income include being home when the girl next door gets off the bus, and my meager Adsense earnings from my blogs. Luckily, we've got room and board covered, enough diapers to last till October, and an endless supply of free milk (yay for breastfeeding). I also take advantage of every source of freebies I can find (find the links to free samples of diapers, formula, etc, on Name-Brand Mommy).

For now, I am living my dream of being a domestic goddess-- if goddesses wear spit-up adorned bathrobes until 2 in the afternoon and rarely have time for a shower, let alone a good leg-shaving. In a few weeks, though, it will be time to officially becoming a Working Mother-- something I'm sure just about every single mother has had to be. In my spare time, I hope that blogging about my adventures not only as a new mom, but a single mom, will allow me to reduce stress by venting, and hopefully connect with other single moms who stumble across this page!

PS-- Feel free to share your own frustrations, rants, tips, and tricks in a comment if you like! =)

Of course, that's my beautiful daughter Sophie!

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