Thursday, September 24, 2009

I still have no idea what I'm doing! Yay!

Just putting that out there. Sophie is 3 weeks old today (I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already!!!) and for the record, I still don't know what I'm doing.

For the most part, Sophie's been a pretty happy baby... when someone's holding her. Or she's getting fed. Or both. Sometimes I worry she's turning into a little piggy, but other times, I have no idea if she's consumed anything all day and is perhaps just pacifying on me for fun.

In fact, it's gotten to the point where whenever she starts to cry, and changing a diaper or eliciting a burp doesn't solve the problem, I just start nursing. Like I said, I don't know if she's actually eating during those times or not. Sometimes when she's been hanging out for an hour and a half, I attempt an Indiana Jones-esque switcheroo with the pacifier (pacifier in one hand, as the ready, waiting to sum up the nerve, and then-- SWITCH! Okay, did she notice?).

It rarely works.

However, nursing always works. It always makes her stop crying. Except a couple days ago when I got the hiccups, and every time I hiccuped my whole body jumped, and my nipple just popped right out of Sophie's little mouth and she'd start bawling and then I'd get it back in and she'd be happy. And then I'd hiccup again.

I've read that for the first couple months, you just need to do everything your baby wants and respond to his or her every whim, and this makes the baby trusting and secure and cry less later. I sincerely hope this is what I'm doing. I hope I'm not fueling some sort of I-need-to-eat-to-feel-love eating disorder that may emerge later in life.

So what's your take? Nurse the newborn 45 minutes out of every hour all day? Or let her cry why I look for some other way to make her happy?

PS. If you're the kind of person that's interested in diapers (aka any mother of a child still in them), check out the diaper count to the right. 140 diapers in her first 20 days. Watch this add up...

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  1. I doubt eating all the time (for now) will make her feel like food = love, since it's supposed to be such a major part of a baby's life. She has to just be enjoying the sucking, a lot of that time. Her mom's breast is a lot more comforting than a rubber and plastic pacifier :P Not only is it softer and has your scent, but she gets to have her mommy really close to her... okay, I feel like I'm crossing over into creepy territory, here :P I'm going to change the subject, now...

    I remember reading that letting a baby cry, too early on in life, might cause them to detach from others. They learn that even if they cry, no one will come, so they become way too independent, and never learn how to empathize and deal with other people. That's kind of scary, so, I wouldn't leave her to cry, just yet :P Maybe a few months down the line...

    She'll most likely become less needy (I really didn't mean "needy" in a bad way), as time goes by. Maybe after a while, you can start to make small changes. Like you could hold/play with her for a while, then put her her a little further away from you, but where you can still see her and she can see you. That might teach her it's not so bad to be away from you, for a little bit.