Monday, September 21, 2009


Today is my baby's 3rd Monday. Her very first Monday was Labor Day, and my first day out of the hospital. We went to visit some relatives, which was a huge excursion for her third day of life (and my third day of being a mother!).

Her second Monday was my first day ever to be home alone with her. We fared all right, but had one minor adventure. The tornado sirens went off right after I fed her, and luckily she was sounds asleep, so I stowed her in the storm shelter while I started gathering the 3-day supply of water, diapers, and extra formula that it is recommended you keep in your basement in case of an emergency. Once I had these supplies and the diaper bag together, and was squatting in the storm shelter next to my sleeping infant, waiting it out, I realized: The tornado sirens were only going off because our county tests the sirens every Monday at noon.

At least I was well-prepared.

Of course, I say that now-- who knows what her third Monday will bring! =)

(and of course, in a few more Mondays, it will probably bring me going back to work... That's going to be a whole another

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  1. You can just think of that as an emergency drill, for you and Sophie ;) You did a good job :D

    Good luck with work! I hope you find somewhere nice.

    Oh, and I'm glad her dad got to be there, when she was born :)