Monday, September 28, 2009

Typing with one hand...

It's a skill I've developed, since I'm nursing almost constantly. In fact, baby's on my lap right now. Makes typing a little more difficult, but the only way I have time to blog is if I multitask!

Blogging really is an outlet for me, as well as hopefully making some extra money with Adsense. Hopefully as this blog gets more popular, I'll start making a little more than my current dollar or so per day from ad clicks. I think a good goal would be enough Adsense earnings to pay for diapers. (To see how much I'm paying for those, check out 'Total Diaper Count' in the collumn to the right.)

Another outlet is my various online mommy communities. I enjoy CityMommy and Cafe Mom.

Okay. That's enough one-handed typing for one day. Please subscribe and/ or leave me a message! =)

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